Monday, June 22, 2009

Races of Sauria: Gensai

Was thinking the other day about how to bring some more 'exotic' races into Sauria. Things like Gensai, Warforged, Deva and so on... For most races I couldn't think up anything too funky (well, the idea of Warcarved- a race of tiki-style islanders carved from trees is still rattling around in there). The Gensai, however, seemed to fit with the Druki. The key difference between these Gensai and other settings is their background and appearence. Rules-wise they're exactly the same (save other changes made for the Saurian setting- such as the presence of Draconic as Common).


In a way, Saurian Gensai are merely another breed of Dragonborn. In another way; they are something else entirely. While other Dragonborn were elevated through the sorceries of ‘mundane’ Dragons; the Gensai’s ancestors were elemental spirits bound into the form of Dragonborn and cursed with mortality by the Druki sorcerer-Dragons. More so than any other Dragonborn, the Gensai are the slaves and vassals of their Druki masters.

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