Monday, May 4, 2009

System Neutral

Basically the idea is to write something that’s applicable for ANY RPG system without writing something that’s a universal system. Now, this system won't be used to make characters or detail combat. Rather, it'll be used to write modules that can be applied to any system and, more commonly than anything else, detail NPCs and skill difficulties. So here goes...

Statistics will be rated from: None - Novice - Adept - Master - Super. I figure that the last, Super will only be used for those characters with above-the-peak skill levels (think Stone's shooting skill from Deadlands). None, naturally, means none! The NPC's will have these ranks assigned to a series of Attributes- Mind, Body, Soul, & Civil. Mind and Body are pretty self explainatory, where as Soul is the characters Arcane, Sprititual and basic otherworldly lore rank. Civil, similiarly, are things like Charisma, street-smarts and so on. Attack (ranged or melee) and Defence would be similiarly rated. Needless to say, if the system being used doens't cover anything it can be ditched! Skills will be assigned in a free form fashon. I.e. If an NPC is a theif they'd have something like 'skills- Theivery: Adept'. Arcane or other Powers would also be free form. So if we had a Wizard with a fire ball spell, it'd be listed as 'Power - Fireball - Master'. All in all, it'd probably look like this:

Body - Level
Civil - Level
Mind - Level
Soul - Level
Melee Attack - Level
Ranged Attack - Level
Defense - Level
Skills - Skill: Level
Powers - Power: Level


All sounds pretty arcane, no? To help put it in persective, here's how an Elf Warrior might look...

Elf Warrior
Body - Master
Civil - Novice
Mind - Adept
Soul - Adept
Melee Attack - Adept
Ranged Attack - Master
Defense - Adept
Skills - Nature: Master, Tracking: Master, Stealth: MAster.
Powers - Move-and-Shoot: Adept, Sure-Short: Master.

Now, you might say that looks like a lot of converting of statistics for something relatively simple. Furthermore, you might say that stuff like that already exists in most fantasy systems. Well, that's largely the point. That with this, it won't matter if you play Savage Worlds, Dungeons & Dragons or anything else - you could probably find something that does the job these stats seem to be outlining!

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