Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dixie Adventures

An idea I've been toying with for some time came when I first saw EGYPTIAN ADVENTURES: HAMUNAPTRA from Green Ronin for the 3.whatever D20 system. A little while after that I'd seen AFRICAN ADVENTURES: NYAMBE; published by Atlas Games. Needless to say, both were done in the same vein as the ORIENTAL ADVENTURES books from TSR and now Wizards. That is, they recontextualized Dungeons & Dragons to a specific cultures mythology, providing a setting as an example (though for Oriental Adventures this shifted from TSR's original oriental world- Kara-Tur -to Alderac Entertainment's Legend of the Five Rings setting). All three have since become two of my favourite settings for their originality, daring to step outside the box and their ability to balance all the traits and tropes of D&D while staying relatively close to their core mythological inspirations. But I've since been wondering, what about other cultures folklores that this kind of product doesn't usually explore? What about DIXIE ADVENTURES! Its an idea I've been toying with for a while, and the setting basically goes a little something like this (though, thinking now, I figure the Kingdom's heirarchy goes something more like Elf, Half-Elf, Human, Half-Orc, Orc)...

The Elf-lords of Elamin founded colonies on the savage continent of Sinandor, using humans as their colonial vassals. There was war and rebellion. The colonies won, founding the Republic of Sinandor to the north and the Kingdom of Dixie to the south. The Republic was a new type of society, but Dixie was still like the old. Elven Aristocrats rule Dixie, their work done by Orc Serfs taken from their homeland and into forced serfdom. Between the Orc and the Elf sits the Human- Yeomen farmers who work and defend the land with their honour and hands.

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